Applock is a mobile device that allows users to lock any application or file on the device with a password to avoid the access of other people other than the legitimate user. We can hide pictures, videos, messages, and contacts using app lock. It is a lightweight mobile application that allows you to lock private data.

App Lock App Installation of the app lock is as given below

Step 1: Search for app lock in the google play store

Step 2: Tap on the app lock

Step 3: Click on Install application

Step 4: Finally, accept the terms and conditions of the application

Step 5: After the launch of the app lock, you need to set a password with at least four digits, then enter OK. You have to confirm the password by re-entering it and then enter OK.

Step 5: In the main lock tab of the application, you need to select the applications you want to hide. Locate the app in the main lock tab and click the lock option. If the apps are added to the menu, you must enter the password to open it every time. We can even set the time to relock the application every time/ until the screen is off/ 1 minute/ 5 minutes/ 10 minutes.  

 FEATURES OF App Lock App Download:

         The following are the features that are offered in-app lock

  • We can lock any application by using this application by providing a PIN or pattern as a lock.
  • A photo vault and video vault are provided to hide photos and videos.
  • We can create different user profiles, and the locks are easily changed.
  • By providing an app lock, others can’t access your application and can’t uninstall them.
  • Auto-restart is present to prevent the app lock from being killed by task killers.
  • We can lock access to the phone, and there is an ability to block incoming and outgoing calls.
  • The auto-lock base version is available on time or via Wi-Fi.


  • It provides privacy to the data in our mobile device from unauthorized access. When an authorized person wants to access the device, the app will show a crash dialogue box instead of asking for a PIN or password.
  • You prevent others from making use of your Wi-Fi or mobile data. We can make use of this application.
  • By using app lock, we can lock system settings.
  • We can restrict others from uninstalling this application without your permission.


  • When you protect something in the vault, the files in it will not be encrypted, and they will be hidden in a file system as it can be accessed by an intruder on installing a file manager, and it’s easy for the hacker to decrypt the PIN assigned to the application by using the brute force approach.
  • If the user didn’t provide his email, the hacker has a chance to add his mail and can set the code.
  • If the users have provided their email, the hacker can intercept them using Wireshark, and then they can get the MD5 hash.