Aptoide is an alternative application store, and it does not require registration. Also, its 300,000 apps and the updates install almost instantly. It has a comfortable rollback function allows returning the old versions of your favourite apps.

The app Aptoide distributed a marketplace for the mobile to their mobile application, which runs on the Android operating system. Unlike the default, Google Play store, this app has no unique centralized store, but the user manages their store. At present, there are several versions of the Aptoide app.

Aptoide provides B2B solutions and allows the partners to manage their app store in an autonomous also customized way. The Android application is used to access the stores in the open source. Also, there are several forks like F-Droid. The communication between the server and the client is done using the open protocol based on XML.

The name Aptoide is from the word “APT”, the Debian package manager, and the “ride”, the last syllable of Android. This app platform is available in over 40 languages and reached over 97 million users in 2015. also, with 2.8 billion downloads in the various stores, it is possible to find 700.000 Android apps.

Aptoide app install features:

  • This app is only 5 MB. also, the apps available in this app store are available for the low side of MB
  • The apps that are available on this play store are free of cost
  • The app is available for all types of the platforms like iOS, Android, also now Windows
  • It keeps you up to date with the updating of your apps
  • There are categories available on the Aptoide, so it is easy to search for any app
  • There is also the critics and comments section available in Aptoide. 
  • This app is available for every device like Smartphones, tablets, laptops and many more.

Elements for the Aptoide App Download:


The apps installed and downloaded directly from Aptoide also manage the updates. If you are not satisfied with the app after it is updated, you can use the rollback function to return to the earlier version or uninstall it completely. You do not ever need to go through a Google Play store.

User Interface:

Easily edit and build the Android app user interface with the visual app UI designer if you want to download this app without going through Google or need the app store for the phone that does not support the Play. Aptoide is a good solution due to the quality and the number of apps included.


The Aptoide app isn’t available on your Google Play store, so you have to download the APK version of the app from your browser. This is a third-party app that Google doesn’t allow the apps in its play store. But the Aptoide app is safe, and you can check more information about it on their official website. 

Aptoide App Install Pros:

  • Customized stores
  • Many applications
  • The rollback function

Aptoide App Download Cons

  • Less quality guarantee that in the Google Play
  • No parental control

System Requirements:

Android-x86, ARM, iOS, and now Windows also


This app was founded in 2011 by Alvaro Pinto and Paula Trezentos in Portugal. Aptoide was successful in Europe and the US also since entered the Southeast Asian market with leading in terms of active users.


Many games also apps are in the Google play store that you would not get for free, but by using this app, you can easily download those apps for free. This is the main reason people prefer using this app, and if Aptoide does not work on your device, then you can try the alternatives to Aptoide.