Clash of Clans App is a mobile strategy video game developed by Finnish game developer Supercell. Clash of Clans App video game is an isometric 2D village builder and strategy hybrid with a massive community. Elixir, gold and dark elixir are resources to construct your kingdom with an unlimited goal of increasing powerful troops to attack raids on a single-player campaign. 

Clash of Clans App Gameplay:

Clash of Clans supports both single-player and multiplayer campaigns about crushing evil goblins and earning resources. This game has three resources: elixir, crystals, and gold. The little green imps in the first battle are easy to defeat, and you will be rewarded. After that, you will progress to the next level. Users can establish other gold-collecting opportunities. Your soldiers leave everything on a battlefield, so be careful with the size and strength of your army.

Your army ultimately falls in battle, and you will almost always make a profit. Users need to unblock more and more buildings in shops and defend their villages with cannons, mortars, and archers to secure their attackers. Join the Clash of Clans of fellow players, or start your own and invite friends. 

Clash of Clans App Graphics:

Clash of Clans view of the game is eagle view and amazing miniature graphics. The app looks both on tablet and phone screens. The design of the app is pretty good, like cannons, the treasure to trees, forts, fire-spitting weapons and more. Friendly challenges were introduced to allow clanmates to compete with other clanmates. 

Clash of Clans App Sounds:

Clash of Clans is a free strategy game with everything you want. Clash of Clans games sounds good, and users can also turn off the sound effects while playing. The game contains various sound effects like the hammer beating a metal, the sound of coins, fire sound, shouts, laughs, inferno tower sound and almost everything that offers the gamer a fantastic experience.

Clash of Clans App Download Pros:

  • Single Player and multiplayer mode
  • Easy to play
  • Fun cartoon graphics
  • The clan system works well

Clash of Clans App Install Cons

  • The battery dies very fast
  • Useless while offline
  • Poor replayability

Clash of Clans is an online game with a good and attractive look. I enjoy this game while playing. Clash of Clans app download is straightforward from the Google play store. It is a single and multiplayer mode. This app allows users to buy a particular game currency to boost their building construction, Gems, and heroes. Gems also earn through normal gameplay.