Dubsmash App Functionality:

Dubsmash app is a funny app for creators. This app aims to choose your favourite sound from the long list of dialogues from movies and songs, recording your lip-syncing video along with the sound. The app can provide a countdown timer to help you prepare for action. Finding sounds is very easy; in the search bar, you have to type which sounds you want and click on the search button then the list will display. You can also add that sounds or dialogues to your favourite list. 

Dubsmash App Download Design:

In the sound library, the files are arranged into categories such as love, Humour, Love, Movies, popular treading sounds, etc. The maximum length of a Dubsmash video is 10 seconds, and you can do all the dialogues Dubsmash and later join them into one video. The videos are smaller, so you can easily share them through social media. 

Dubsmash App Install User Interface:

Dubsmash has a good user interface. The app homepage provides quick guidelines to navigate the user interface. Seeing selfie videos with their favourite stars’ dialogues is so good. Share the videos you may dub and make your friends happy while watching them. All aged people, including children, also do the dub smashes and shows their acting talent. 

About the Dubsmash app Download:

Dubsmash is a video messaging application for Android and iOS devices. This app is funny and gives a good laugh on your friend’s face. Roland Grenke, Jonas Druppel and Daniel Taschik create this app. This app lets users choose audio recordings, music, and sound bites from their favourite movies and internet trends and record a video of themselves dubbing over the audio piece. 

Dubsmash app features:

  • This is the best app for creating selfie videos dubbed with famous dialogues, sounds, and quotes
  • Users can create their content
  • Users can give lip synchronization over the audio clips, including the movie dialogues and songs
  • The users can save the clips on their devices and can share via Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp in the text message
  • Registering for the account optional
  • Dubsmash files are small in size and enough to store and share

Dubsmash App Pros:

  • The unique also innovative concept
  • Edit, shoot and retake videos very easily
  • It can support sharing videos over the all social media apps like Facebook, Whatsapp etc
  • Easy process to create videos
  • A super fun way to communicate with your friends

Dubsmash App Cons:

  • Limited sharing options
  • Poor video quality despite using the high camera phones
  • Clips are restricted to a maximum length of 10 seconds 
  • Here not have many options for setting up the quality video


Regarding entertainment, Dubsmash scores high rates and provides different happiness and enjoyment to connect with their friends. You can also add the symbols to your Dubsmash videos in the same way, add text. I greatly enjoy this app for different types of dubs with my favourite stars and songs. Now, download the app and have fun with your friends.