In the present world, Facebook is the biggest and most popular social media app. With this app, people can connect the known or unknown once. Facebook can be used on desktops, tablets, laptops, and smartphones through the Internet and mobile networks. You can also play games on Facebook. You can easily share your feelings differently and attractively through Facebook with your friends. The user must have 13 to 18 years of age to set up their profiles in the Facebook app.

Facebook App App Functionality:

This beautiful app lets you share your memories and feelings with your friends. 

Nearly 1.5 billion users are using the app worldwide. One issue that affects many users, i.e. the app has no messaging function. For messaging, you have to download the Messenger app. You can also make comments and like your friend’s posts. In the status bar on the top of the app, you can put your status like single, job, education etc. By using images and videos also; you can share your position. Facebook launched a new feature called “LIVE”. 

Facebook App Download Design

The design of Facebook is beautiful and user-friendly. It contains a horizontal Header line with light blue colour. That header has small icons like friend requests, Shows notifications, search bars and messages. Videos are automatically played as your scroll down the screen. Facebook Lite is designed for low wifi versions. With this app, you make purchase games apps.  

Facebook App Install Usability:

Millions of Android and iOS users are using this Facebook app. Users can also build community by using the page feature. You can create that community as a public or private one. You can update your current situations in your life like job changes, marriage etc. By using your profile timeline, you can add your status fast. You can make communication with your friends by commenting and liking their posts. So many unknown people will become friends through chatting on Facebook


  • Setting a profile is very easy
  • Good time pass app
  • Great chatting technology
  • Making strong connections with your friends
  • Sharing anything should be caring


  • Facebook Privacy
  • Fake Facebook profiles    
  • Time-consuming


Facebook is a very cool app to connect people. Facebook is used not only for chatting; you can share your feelings, videos, images, playing games and more. The company regularly updates the app, and the profile information is secure. It is an excellent platform to do business. So why late? Just download the app and have more with your friends and family.