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App Name Google Meet
Developer Google LLC
Price Free
Updated On Sep 21, 2023
Category Communication
Downloads 5B+
Rating 4.5
Google Meet is a user-friendly video conferencing platform that allows users to start calls with one tap, talk face-to-face with colleagues, and collaborate across locations. Google Meet offers users access to a wide range of features, including screen sharing, calling and messaging other participants in the call, and joining an existing meeting by dialling their number or using their instant messaging address.

Google Meet is a free video-conferencing app that lets you meet with up to 14 people at once. It’s available on Android and iOS devices, as well as Chromebooks. Google Meet isn’t just for big meetings; it also works well for one-on-one chats, so you can use it to talk with friends or family who live far away.


Google Meet is a video conferencing app that lets you chat with up to 30 people simultaneously. It’s available on Android and iOS, and it’s free–there are no hidden costs or fees associated with using the service.

You can use Google Meet for business calls, personal calls with friends or family members (or both), and making educational videos for your child’s school project–the possibilities are endless!

Scheduling Meetings

Google Meet is a tool for scheduling meetings. With Google Meet, you can:

  • Schedule meetings with other people. You can email invites or create an event in your calendar to invite people to the meeting. When someone accepts your invitation, they’ll be added automatically!
  • Add more people anytime during a Hangout On Air (HOA). Just click “Invite more participants” when you’re in the chat window of an active HOA session and start typing in their names or email addresses–they’ll be added immediately!
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Call In Conference

You can use Call In Conference to make a call with multiple people, even if they’re not on Google Meet.

  • Add participants: Click Add People and enter their names or email addresses. When they accept the invite, they’ll be added to your meeting and receive a link to join via phone or computer (if they don’t have the app installed).
  • Record the meeting: You can record calls if you want them saved as an audio file in an album on Google Photos. To do so, click Record Meeting before starting a call with others; afterwards, go back into this menu where all recordings will appear under “My recordings.”


Google Meet is an app that allows you to make calls with up to 15 people. You can start a call from the app and then join it or schedule a call in advance. When everyone has answered their phone, Google Meet will automatically record the conversation so that all participants can listen later (or even share it with others).

Google Meet is for business and personal use.

Google Meet is a product of Google that was released in September of 2018. It is a video conferencing service that allows users to meet with their colleagues and clients from anywhere in the world without downloading any software or paying for it.

Google Meet works on the web, Android, and iOS platforms and integrates with other Google products like Gmail, Calendar and Docs so you can use the same account across all your devices seamlessly.

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