The application IMO is a free video and chatting app allowing users to communicate using Wi-Fi or data. This application is available for Android and iOS devices and is rated for everyone.

All the users can send unlimited messages and make free audio calls across all devices. Like most other apps in its class, IMO offers group chat features such as video and photo sharing, stickers, and end-to-end encryption of all communications.

After Installing the IMO app, users are requested to input their general information, like their mobile number, to have a verification code and promote their age and gender to create their account in the IMO app.

It’s important to note that the IMO app requests access to a user’s contact list and uses this information to connect a user with contacts already using the app and send text invite links to friends.

Note: This application called IMO can choose to use any image or chat for the marketing purposes they choose is concerning, and parents should know that their children, simply by using the IMO app, are waiving their rights to their content.

Procedure to IMO App Install

  • If you are on a tablet or phone that doesn’t have a number attached to it, enter any phone number you can access.
  • Tap next and scroll down
  • Type the code which the IMO generated for your given mobile number
  • If asked, enter your name
  • Tap to get started
  • Add a Display picture or skip to edit it later

Features Of IMO App Download

Application size:

The installation file is relatively more minor in size. Even after installation, it will take the same small size.

Small cache file sizes:

The app created very few cache files. That would ensure that you will not face any issues for the speed of the user’s phone.

Chat support in addition to video calling:

The user can use the app to chat with their friends and family just like they would do with other famous apps.

Huge sticker listing: 

IMO comes with a good deal of stickers. It has stickers in over 150 categories.

High-Quality video quality:

The application is capable of high-end video and audio quality

Group chat support:

The feature is equivalent to group chats on WhatsApp. However, video calls in group chats are not possible.

Best in class control:

The user can set her preferences on notifications and other options.

One feature that sets IMO apart from all other apps is the unlimited high-quality voice calling. The app has been tested to offer better and clearer voice and video quality even at a slower connection speed.

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Pros and Cons Of IMO App


  • The user can make high-end video and voice calls
  • The app encrypts all your calls. This would ensure the privacy of your calls
  • Hundreds and thousands of stickers make safeguard the privacy of your calls
  • Group chat features
  • High-quality video and voice calls 
  • Privacy encryption available for users over calls and chats
  • Low memory size
  • Several new stickers 
  • Inviting friends option available


  • The user cannot use it without internet connectivity
  • It uses pretty much of battery
  • No group chats availability
  • Without the internet, one can’t use this app
  • There is no creation of a group link for inviting.