MX player is a media player available on several platforms, most notably Android. The app boasts that it can play every primary video format. The app can play many video formats on Android devices that have it popular on the platform.

This was a well-known Android app; MX player is a desktop application on Windows-based machines. However, unless you use the Windows 8.1/10 version from the Microsoft store, you must go through several steps to get it working. Instructions can be found online.

This app was safe when downloaded from the official source; such a source could be the official website or the Google play store is the safest option, as apps here are vetted to some degree. Installing from elsewhere requires deactivating certain security features on your device.

The MX video player app has both a free and a pro version. The free version has no functional limitations over the pro version, so the app is free for all intents and purposes. The free version displays advertisements, which is the only real difference between them.

MX player is not compatible with Google Chrome cast out of the box. However, it can be configured with Google’s streaming device with some help. The official website for MX player recommends the Local Cast app. 

MX Player App Features: 

  • Amazing playback feature- if you own a device with decently good hardware processing speed, you can even play full HD videos using an MX player. Just make sure you are using a Class 6 memory card and above.

If you are watching a video on a hardware decoder, it will use less device battery, and buffering will also be fast. However, you can switch to software decoding if the hardware does not support the video file. This strain on the battery will be more, but the video quality will make up for it.

  • Subtitle Support- In this application, you can manually browse for a subtitle file in your memory card and link it to the video file. It’s unnecessary to place the subtitle file in the video folder with the same name as the file.

You can drag and drop the subtitle on the screen to change its position and pinch to zoom to change the font size. All this while watching the video in parallel.

This application even supports clear text, which is a feature tough to find in other video players on Android.

  • Play Network Streams- The playback in MX player is not just limited to local files you have saved in your phone memory, but you can also play network streams. The video playback is automatically launched when you click on a video link in the Android web browser. Alternatively, you can give the video player.

On the other hand, if you are on a limited connection with restricted bandwidth, you can disable the auto playback of network video files from your browser.

MX Player App Download Pros: 

  • It has Hardware acceleration
  • Provides all kinds of customization for users
  • Exceptional support for the format of subtitles 
  • Multi-support decoding 
  • Support almost all languages for subtitles 
  • Support maximum types of video files
  • The audio track can be changed dynamically.

MX Player App Install Cons: 

  • The only downside is that its free version has banner ads.
  • But if you want to get rid of them, you can purchase MX player pro just for $6
  • If you want the best way to enjoy HD movies or videos, quickly download the MX player and have fantastic entertainment with your customized audio video player.