My Talking Tom App is the game, and Tom is your pet. In this game, you have to interact also play with him to earn coins and rewards. Tom will repeat everything you say by capturing your voice and translating it into his own voice. Stroking and poking his hands, stomach, or legs will produce sounds and reactions. Some options are accessed by tapping on the given buttons. It is the most popular game for children also they love to play with this naughty cat with a really lovely voice. Most children can play this game when compared to other age people. 

Review elements for My Talking Tom App

My Talking Tom App Download Functionality:

My talking Tom app promotion of outfit7’s products and advertising. Links that can direct customers to our websites are also another Outfit7 app. You can connect with your friends through social networks. There are additional buttons in a game for several actions, such as giving him some milk, telling him to scratch the screen, and making him fall asleep. There are more buttons to unlock by spending some real cash in the store.

My Talking Tom App Design:

After launching this app, you will see the big also, friendly look cat on screen. The design is very smooth enough and also looks just fine. Players can buy hats and glasses for Tom and change his fur and eye colour and decorate his rooms. You can earn the coins by playing the minigames. 

My Talking Tom Install User Interface:

My Talking Tom is an exemplary user interface. Your children may enjoy this game a lot. One of the exciting features of the My Talking Tom app is the ability to visit the other players houses and also check out how they have decorated theirs. You can look for the treasure chests and where you could turn up the more coins

My Talking Tom Features:

  • Nurture your own Tom: Play the games with him and feed him his favourite food. also, tuck him into bed
  • Collect the flight tickets and travel globally to meet other toms. You can fill your albums with postcards from different places and also unlock the clothes fit for a true adventurer.
  • Play ten minigames: Bubble Shooter, Happy Connect. Earn coins and have more fun
  • Unleash your creativity: You can create your own Tom by choosing from 1000 combinations like clothing, furniture, and furs.
  • You can interact with Tom: Tom repeats everything you say; also, stroke, poke, and tickle him.
  • Enjoy life-like emotions: Tom can be hungry, happy, bored, or sleepy his emotions according to how to play with him
  • Get rewards as you progress: Help Tom grow through nine different stages also 999 levels to unlock new items 

My Talking Tom App Pros:

  • Excellent graphics are also really addictive 
  • Funny game
  • Many choices of furs, furniture, food etc
  • It is the free game
  • You can easily collect the coins. Also, you do not buy them with the real money

My Talking Tom App Cons:

  • Overall reviews of My Talking Tom game are favourable; however, some older devices and pop-up ads can cause the app to crash.


I enjoyed this Talking Tom app. My Talking Tom for Android and fun-filled application to add some more smiles to your face every time while using it. You can play your favourite games and also personalize your Tom to several life emotions.