PicsArt App explores users to stand out on social media, for instance, by virtually applying rainbow makeup look on them. The app doubles as a social platform, although the use case is much smaller than the size of Instagram, Facebook, and other mainstream social media products. 

PicsArt application is a free and full-featured photo editing and drawing mobile app available on Android, iOS and Windows phones. The app is also home to the largest art-based mobile social network of more than 18 million artists, allowing users to connect anywhere.

The application has been installed more than 140 million times and continues to expand and improve, so anyone can build their creativity and be a great artist.

This process is now available for free download on iPhones and Androids. The users can find out by searching PicsArt Photo Editor and College.

Benefits of PicsArt App:

Colour with Curves Tool:

To enhance this look:

  1. Select one image, Tools, and Curves.
  2. Choose the colour and move according to the instructions notified.
  3. Click apply and save the image to Gallery.


These mask tools add some cool gestures and make it look like light leaks, texture and more. The mask tool works similarly to the effects tool, applying different looks to apply more filters. The difference is that Mask doesn’t always cover the entire image; instead adds an effect monument to the background texture of the selected photo.

Add Photos with different Overlays:

The PicsArt best editing tricks to layer an image on top of the existing one. Open an idea and then select Add a Photo to add the second image on top of the first one.

Change Background with PicsArt App Download:

Many users wondered if changing their images’ backgrounds with the cutout function’s help. Users can crop people from a photo and paste them into other ideas or scenes.

Draw Lines: The drawing tools have different shapes, sizes, opacity, and hardness. The user can even change the colour of the draw to the way according to the user’s wish to be.

Add stickers: This application introduced millions of sticker choices, from tool effects like spirals, smoke effects, and colour splashes to emojis, wings and hearts.

Create Dispersion: Move the stretch cursor to the right to make the triangles look more extensive and spread out. Then click and apply to save the edit and changes made; this tool is a fun and easy PicsArt editing function to create an artistic look within seconds.

Text: The user can insert more than 100 available fonts and styles in photos.

Crop: The standard crop meant removing the unnecessary parts of the picture. The shapes in cropping an image are the rectangle, circles, star cones, Etc. The cut parts can be saved to the Clip Art Gallery.

College: The college can be created as a grid or frame, whereas the application provides several versions in grid view and structures.  

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Pros and Cons Of PicsArt App Install:

PicsArt App Download Pros:

  • View professional images and save them later.
  • Many effects to add to user photos, from filters and drawing to college.
  • Very smooth and attractive user interface.
  • Social Media Integration.

PicsArt App Install Cons:

  • Image uploading is slower than Instagram.
  • Separate apps are required for some effects.
  • Ad-supported.
  • The user needs to download the pictures onto the device for editing. The app does not automatically load photos from the cloud.