Rope Hero: Vice Town is a new rope-swinging game where you must swing around the city to save the day. Your favourite heroes and villains are here, ready to help or hinder your quest. Play as Spiderman, Captain America, Wonder Woman or any number of other beloved comic book characters!

Rope Hero: Vice City is a free-to-play action platformer game on Android and iOS. The game features a single-player campaign and a multiplayer mode, where players can compete against each other in various challenges.

The game takes inspiration from the classic 8-bit platformers of the 80s and adds unique twists to keep things fresh and interesting!

How to play the game

Rope Hero: Vice Town is a fighting game for two players or one. In multiplayer mode, you can choose from four characters and fight against your friend in an arena that changes every round. If you prefer to play alone, there’s also a single-player mode available where you can challenge the CPU-controlled opponents.

Rope Hero: Vice Town aims to defeat your opponent by knocking him out with attacks or other means (such as throwing him off the stage).


Powers are special abilities that give you an edge in battle. They can be activated once you have enough power, displayed below your health bar. You get more power by defeating enemies and completing missions.

Powerups include:

  • Powerup – Increases the damage you deal to enemies for a limited time. This is especially useful when facing stronger opponents such as bosses!
  • Super Jump – Allows you to jump higher than normal, allowing access to new areas and shortcuts throughout Vice Town!
  • Double Jump – Allows players who have unlocked this ability (via purchase or by levelling up) two chances at reaching higher places with each jump instead of just one!
  • Ground Pound – An advanced technique where players jump into the air before landing on top of an enemy below them; doing so also deals extra damage and knocks back any foes nearby! The downside? It takes some practice before mastering this move, but once mastered can be used strategically against groups of foes trying to attack from above ground level since they’ll likely try avoiding getting hit by jumping away instead.

Weapon guides

The best weapons are the ones that suit your play style. No one weapon is the best, but some weapons might be better suited for a particular mission than others.

Each weapon has its strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to understand how they work before you choose which one you want to carry in your bag of tricks.

Tips and tricks

  • Use the ropes to your advantage. You can use the ropes to move around and gain access to new areas, but you can also use them as weapons. Tossing enemies into a rope will cause them to get stuck and hang upside down, leaving them vulnerable to other attacks.
  • Experiment with different weapons and powers. There are many different ways to play Rope Hero: Vice Town, from conventional weapons like guns and swords (or even your fists) to superpowers like telekinesis and mind control! Try experimenting with each one of these options, especially at first, so that later on, when things get tougher for you, there’s more than just one method available for survival!
  • Remember stages, too; each stage provides unique challenges based upon its theme and modes of play, such as single-player mode vs. multiplayer mode vs. co-op mode, etc. You’ll need all three types to beat this game 100%.

The best way to enjoy this game is to have fun with it, not take it too seriously.

You know what? Don’t take this game too seriously. Rope Hero: Vice Town is not a simulation of real life and shouldn’t be treated as such. It’s meant to be fun, not something that makes you feel depressed about your failures. If you can’t enjoy yourself while playing the game, then it’s time for some self-reflection instead of complaining about how the developers could have done better with their product!

Rope Hero: Vice Town is a fun game that anyone can enjoy. It has a lot of things to offer, and it’s easy to pick up and play. The best way to enjoy this game is by having fun with it and not taking it too seriously!

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