ShareiT is a file transport application that earned worldwide popularity for its fast transmission of files. By using the shareiT application, all the users are allowed to share audio, videos, images, and music as this application supports multiple platforms such as Windows, Android, and iOS and supports file types such as docx, .pdf, and .apk. This shares its application supports various applications such as Windows, android. The transfer of files can be done with the same and even the other platforms. 

To transfer files between the devices, you need to connect them, and then if you are the sender, tap on the available send option; else, tap on the receive button. If you are the receiver, select the files you want to send and click on the send option.  

Download Of Any File Is Fast with SHAREit App:

The download of files in shareit is high-speed as the download is 20M/S which is 200 times faster than that of Bluetooth. You can download any file as docx, pdf, or apk.  

SHAREit App Share Zone:

There is a feature named share zone that allows the users to store the audio, videos, music and any file available on their device, and you can share the files that you have added to the shared zone with friends if you are connected to the shareit app. This process will reduce the burden of searching the files at the time of sharing, and you can add the files that are important to you as there will be many files on your device. If you add the file in the shared zone, searching the file will be easy.  

Flexibility In Changing Name And Avatar:

In the shareit application, you will be provided with a default avatar and the name of the device, and you can change them based on your interest as this application offers all the right to set your name and avatar. The term can be changed by giving any name you want to display on the shareit application. The avatar can also be altered with the photo you wish to, and you can also set your image as an avatar that will be displayed to your friends at the time of files in the application. 

Webshare Of SHAREit App Download:

A feature of web share is available in shareit. Most file-sharing application requires both sender and sender to have the application on their device, but by using the shareit applicationboth the sender and receiver can transmit files to each other without having the app on the receiver side. The sender will send a link by using the web share feature. By downloading the link sent, the receiver will be provided access to files in the sender’s device, such as photos, audio, and videos, but the receiver needs to be connected to the sender’s hotspot.   

Group share Of SHAREit App Install:

You can create a group in the shareit application to share the file with a group of people, and even you can join the group to receive the files. Using this group share feature, you can share the files with a group of friends instead of sending them individually, which is a hectic process. This feature will reduce the redundancy of doing the same task.

The Verdict:

Shareit is the fastest file transport application for sharing all the formats of files from one platform to the other with many features. This share provides a group share to share the files with a group of people and a web share feature to send files to the receiver even without an application on the receiver side.