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App Name Skype
Developer Skype
Price Free
Updated On Sep 22, 2023
Category Communication
About Skype App


Through the Skype app download, you can make free video calls. One exciting thing about this Skype app is that you can easily convert video calls into voice calls by simply disabling the camera option. It also provides instant messaging services like video messages and text. Users can also create group video calls through the Skype app and add up to 25 users to join the conversion. 

Messaging is another feature of the Skype app install; your messages can make them more emotional with various entertaining emoticons. It also exchanges digital documents like text, video, and images and allows video conference calls. In Skype, people can react to any highlights with awesome emoticons or send private messages about that highlights. These highlights stay visible only for seven days to your followers. 


The design of the Skype app is a simple and user-friendly interface. The Skype app provides a clean and distraction-free background for messages. There are different types of emoji with high quality, so they look great regardless of your device.


If you use the Skype app for the first time, you need to register your Skype account. You can easily access the people you want to write to or call by choosing them from a contact list. Users will update their profile pictures by choosing you to prefer from the gallery or taking one on the spot. Through the status option, users can update their status online, do not disturb, away, and more will be visible for people from the contact list.

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Skype App Download Pros:

  • Good screen video quality
  • Simple interface
  • Clear sound
  • Works in background
  • It is a service that is incredibly easy to install
  • It allows for the group call
  • It offers a secure calling experience

Skype App Install Cons:

  • No search charm support for the contact list
  • Background noises are picked up relatively easily
  • No guest login
  • There is no language translation service
  • Sound qualities on Skype are based on bandwidth


Skype offers good call quality, and you can call Skype users on the desktop from Android and iOS devices. I enjoyed this app by contacting my friends and family through HD video and voice calls. Skype is the best app to get your family and friends through video calls.