The gameplay of subway surfers is a player who takes the role of a graffiti artist in a metro railway station and runs through the tracks to escape from the police inspector and his dog. The artist can collect gold coins, power-ups, and skating shoes if he runs on the way.

The artist can jump onto the top of the train and can surf with hoverboards to avoid the crashes on the obstacle and getting caught by the inspector. The game starts by tapping the screen, and the artist sprays graffiti on a train and gets caught by the inspector and his dog. The player can use up, down, left, and right swipes to avoid crashing into obstacles such as trains, poles, tunnel walls, and barriers.

The player can collect the keys, coins, score multipliers, sneakers, jetpacks, magnets, mystery boxes, and power jumpers. Sneakers will give the ability to jump higher; the hoverboard allows the users to avoid collisions for about 30 seconds. If any obstacle hits you, the game will be over. If the player has any keys, they can continue the game.  

Features Of Subway Surfers App Download:

The following are the features that subway surfers offer 

Funny and lively characters:  You can select from many characters, as there is Jake, tricky, and Fresh. You can start your escape from the inspector and dog as you choose your personality.

Add-ons in-game:  You are provided with a transport mode overboard for more speed which extends the gap between the inspector and you

Streamlined Controls:  This game has fun and addiction at a time. The competition required limited control, and the hand movements that are required are left and right the most. In the least cases, you need the down and up arrows to slide and hop, respectively

Novel challenges: This game consists of more than 40 levels, including different challenges with a mission. As the level increase, you can unlock a unique set of challenges  

Apt for all ages:  An in-app purchase option is available, as you can purchase different accessories to upgrade the hoverboard. 

Advantages Of Subway Surfers App:

The following are the advantages that are associated with the subway surfers game. The list is given below 

  1. The visuals in the subway surfers are more appealing than in other games 
  2. The subway surface removes the awkwardness of tilting to strafe 
  3. A mystery box upgrade is available for 500 coins which provides a nice gambling feature 
  4. Audio adds lots of fun to the game
  5. There are several characters we can choose from 
  6. The animations of the game are fluid
  7. The environment of the game is colourful and bright 

Cons Of Subway Surfers App Install:

The cons that are associated with the Subway surfers are as given below 

  1. This game needs you to use both your hands most of the time 
  2. There are no levels in this game, as the progress can’t be saved 

As the level of the game changes, nothing changes except the peace of the game, and the graphics remain constant as they appeared in the previous game.