Initially launched on the App Store, the application grabbed around 40 million downloads. Since then, no looking back. Temple Run fearlessly dominated the App Store sales charts, and the game began to generate more revenue than games created by companies with hundreds of employees.

Game procedure:

Select the Game:

Select the intro page that will finally appear. The user can either tinker with the game’s menu or start the game immediately.

Observe the game layout:

If the user did not go through the rules well, once the user starts running won’t be able to look anywhere else except for the target ahead.

Must complete:

The objective of the game is to run away from the evil monkeys while avoiding obstacles along the way:

  • This can be done by swiping the user’s fingers across the screen.
  • To turn to either left or right, have to swipe the screen in the preferred direction.
  • Slide the screen downwards while going through low pathways.

Collect coins:

These play a vital role in the performance and other factors that will give the user an advantage in running.

Get the power-up:

Grab power-ups if you can; they will give specific skills to help you run further into the game.

Clear All Objectives:

Satisfying objectives such as collecting gems, coins, and specific mileage will give extra bonuses.

Keep trying:

It is safe to say that it does not have an ending. The user will keep running and soon find himself falling or bumping into a tree trunk.

Unlock characters:

The user is supposed to unlock them by completing each level and stepping into another level.  

Pros and Cons Of Temple Run App Download:

Temple Run App Pros:

  • Non-stop action gets more exciting as the user progress.
  • Easy, uncomplicated gameplay.
  • Lush, bright graphics to keep players interested.
  • An exciting and easy-to-learn game.
  • Trains user’s reflexes as the user swipes to edge obstacles.
  • Connect with friends through the game centre.
  • The app shows when the user has beaten a friend or my own.

Temple Run App Cons:

  • If anything, it’s the costly but optional in-app purchases.
  • The game does not have a significantly developed storyline.
  • The course can get very repetitive and provides no breaks to recollect.
  • Of course very difficult to win- the games speed up further.