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App Name TextNow
Developer TextNow, Inc.
Price In-app purchases
Updated On Sep 18, 2023
Category Communication
TextNow is a cross-platform app that allows users to send and receive text messages, make VoIP calls, and access their phone contacts from any device with an internet connection. The app provides a real US or Canadian phone number, which can be used to make and receive calls and texts from anywhere in the world. With TextNow, no long-term contracts, monthly fees, or commitments are required. Users can pay for additional features such as voicemail, call forwarding, and international calling, or they can continue using the app for free.
Features of the App

TextNow is a comprehensive texting and calling app with several features that make it a great choice for users. Some of the features include:

-A free trial: This is great for those who want to try the app before committing to it.

-Unlimited texts and calls: You can text and call as much as you want without worrying about running out of credits.

-No contracts or monthly fees: You can use the app without worrying about being tied into a contract or paying monthly fees.

-A wide range of customization options: You can customize your experience with TextNow by choosing from various themes, backgrounds, and fonts.

-A convenient address book: The app’s address book makes it easy to keep track of your contacts and their information.

-Integrated messaging: You can easily send and receive texts, pictures, and videos within the app.

Benefits of Using TextNow

Assuming you’re looking for a list of benefits:

-You can text and call without a phone plan or cell phone
-The app is available for free on Android and iOS devices
-There are no ads
-You can earn credits to keep your account active by watching videos or inviting friends
-TextNow offers a variety of features, including voicemail, MMS picture messaging, group chats, emoji support, and more
-You can use the app to buy a new phone number or port your existing number to TextNow

Pros and Cons of TextNow

TextNow is a free texting and calling app with some unique features. It’s available for both Android and iPhone, and there’s also a web version. You can use TextNow without signing up for an account, but you’ll get a free phone number if you do sign up.

There are plenty of reasons to like TextNow. For one, it’s completely free to use. There are no ads; you don’t have to watch videos to earn credits. Plus, you can use TextNow without giving out your real phone number. That’s great if you’re worried about privacy or want to avoid telemarketers.

Another plus is that TextNow offers some features other texting apps don’t have. For example, you can schedule texts to be sent later, which is handy if you need to remind yourself of something important. And if you’re sending many readers, you can save time by creating group chats.

On the downside, TextNow doesn’t work with emoji, so if that’s important, you’ll want to use a different app. And while the app is free to use, it doesn’t offer any features that would justify its high price tag if it weren’t free. Though, TextNow is a great choice for a free texting app.

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